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Home Sweet Purple Home

September 12, 2012 by Crystal Lorenzo

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We are united, once again!

Well, after a very long and boring summer, I am back at NU and my sanity has been restored! I figure that I'll give you a little update on our To Write Love on Her Arms UChapter since that is going to be my No. 1 focus this semester (next to academics, of course!). P.S. If you are not familiar with the organization, you can check it out here: (most definitely worth your time!)

SO! Over the summer, the vice president of our chapter, Rochelle, and I went to FLORIDA for the To Write Love on Her Arms UChapter Summer Conference, which was absolutely AMAZING. The first two days were the same conference that I went to back in December (if you've been following me for that long, if not you can read all about it here!) and then the second two days was a whole UChapter leadership training conference, where we talked about creating a healthy community on our campus, fundraising, how to run meetings and so forth. But the best part about it was that I got to see my three heroes - Jamie Tworkowski, Denny Kolsch and Aaron Moore - in one place...MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. And of them TAUGHT ME HOW TO SURF! Yes, I know, crazy! (The picture: Yup, that would be Aaron and Rochelle and our amazing friend, Shannon, that we met there and me, next to Aaron on the right!)

But take a deep breath and relax from that giant burst of overwhelming excitement.

And now we will talk about how...I GOT TO SEE DENNY KOLSCH AGAIN (who came to Niagara last year and spoke here during Ridgefest!) and who, when I see, causes me to lose all concepts and basic mannerisms of humankind and who I make a complete fool out of myself in front of, but, hey, we all go through it at some point or another.

Anyway, so I learned how to surf (by Aaron Moore!!! The excitement is too much!) and I met some amazing people who are running UChapters already at their universities. There were around 80 of us there so the ideas and dreams for UChapters were never ending, therefore, the ideas we now have and expectations for our TWLOHA UChapter are pretty big, but I have no doubt that we can and will achieve them.

This leads me to what happened Wednesday evening (Sept. 12). We had our first To Write Love on Her Arms meeting of the semester! There were a ton of people there. I really feel like we have a really passionate group this semester and I am honestly inspired by how into TWLOHA they all seemed to be and how much they connected with the mission and vision. It's really a great thing to be around so many people who care so much about the same thing as you do, to be a part of something bigger and to have that connection. It really reminds me why I'm doing this, and why I'm at NU. People here genuinely care.

We also had our first NU Alliance meeting yesterday and I am also extremely hopeful for that group for this semester. We had great attendance and a really good atmosphere in the room, very positive and bright.

Besides the two clubs, I am doing the EAGLE Leadership program this year again, which is a four-year leadership development program, and I am also doing Vincentian Leaders in EAGLE, which means that I will be in charge of creating community service opportunities for the entire EAGLE group. I am (hopefully) also going to be a peer tutor for Spanish 101 and 102 (so if you need any help with those, I'm your girl!) I am also a part of the Clinical Psychology Lab this year, doing research and helping others out with research in the area of clinical psych since that's what I want to go in to after I graduate.

Oh yeah, and going back to the summer really quick, I was an ORIENTATION LEADER - which was amazing! I worked each Summer Orientation session for the new students as well as the New Student Orientation. They were so much fun, exhausting, but so worth the exhaustion (and the cold that I got during New Student Orientation).

I met some amazing people who were also orientation leaders who I didn't know before this summer and I feel so lucky to have gotten to know them, because they're really great people. Also, it was so cool being able to talk to the new students about everything I love about NU and being able to make the transition into college a little less nerve-wracking and a little more comfortable. It was especially great since the orientation leaders when I was a freshman did that for me - it's like my way of giving back.

On that note, I guess I shall end this post, seeing as it's already kind of long - but please stay tuned. I love answering questions/getting comments so if you have a question about ANYTHING NU-related, just send it my way and I would love to answer any you may have!

Lots of purple love from me!