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Holiday Inspiration

November 30, 2012 by Crystal Lorenzo

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So here we are on the home stretch of the semester! Last week was Thanksgiving break, which was awesome - and MUCH needed! I got a lot of cuddle time in with my kitty so that, of course, made everything INSTANTLY wonderful. However, break did have to end and the crazy grind of the last few weeks had to begin!

It hasn't all been bad though! I feel pretty inspired and motivated after the events of this week to be honest.

Being president of NU Alliance, I have felt a lot of pressure to be a perfect leader, and to make sure everything goes as planned, and to make sure we are constantly doing events and such. This semester, it has been really hard to get things together for Alliance because of lots of changes in leadership, and because of a completely new group of members from last year, so I was getting quite discouraged because of our lack of, in my eyes, productivity.

However, I had dinner with one of our wonderful advisors on Tuesday and realized that we don't have to be doing these giant events to be productive. Small social events, like drinking hot chocolate and decorating cookies can be just as influential to the group, and will help build unity and create a sense of belonging among all the members, more than a giant campus-wide event would. We also came up with an idea that we all agreed on and seemed more or less equally excited and motivated about, which should be happening around the beginning of next semester, so stay tuned!

It was really encouraging to see how a group seems to just need to find its niche and its purpose, and once that's identified, things can really escalate quickly from there and the group can really prosper. I think we're pretty close to finding that and I have a feeling next semester is going to be awesome for NU Alliance.

Our To Write Love on Her Arms meeting on Wednesday was AWESOME as well. We had a counselor from Counseling Services come in to do a workshop/discussion on positive self-image. I think it was one of our best meetings so far. She had us do a couple of cool activities, including one where we had a wooden board and we wrote on it what we would like to break through to bring us closer to more positive self-image.

Once we wrote that on the board, we each went up one by one, she held the board, and we literally hit it and broke it in half to symbolize the first step in breaking through our barriers. I think it was a really positive meeting for everyone, at least I know it was for me! The thing about that meeting that was most exciting to me, was that afterwards people didn't flood out like they were getting out of a class. Most of them stayed behind for a while talking to each other and it showed me that we are definitely creating a community within the group, which makes me a very proud mama bear, and lets me know that we're actually achieving the things we set out to! (Since TWLOHA is basically my baby, it really meant a lot to see that!)

Then Thursday, I got sick, which wasn't all that exciting, but having to stay in my room and sleep all day always makes me inspired and ready to get up and do something and not waste my life sulking and sleeping away my days! So, I may be sick, but I'm ready to make stuff happen! (:

For example, TWLOHA IS HOLDING A BENEFIT CONCERT NEXT SEMESTER WITH THE BAND, SATELLITE! CHECK THEM OUT here!  AND GET EXCITED TO HEAR THEIR MUSICAL BRILLIANCE AT THE START OF NEXT SEMESTER! (:   Literally, this song is one of the best songs I've ever heard. The emotion and passion in it is just amazing. You should definitely take a second to check them out, check out their other songs on and come see them live next semester!

And if you're in a dreary mood because of this dreary and cold weather, let this hunk cheer you up! His name is Vito, and he's really dumb, but we love hiim anyways! :)

On that note, have a wonderful next two weeks, and try to relax a bit during this always stressful holiday season :)