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Helpful Steps to De-Stress!

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Hello! First of all, I apologize for having my first post of the semester be so late! While spring break is coming closer, our stress level has risen due to mid-terms, projects and papers. I'd like to present some helpful tips to keep our stress level at a minimum.  

Work Out

Believe me, I was apprehensive when my parents suggested that I work out to relieve some stress. I would rather lie in my bed watching something on Netflix than go running on a machine. Surprisingly, working out has helped me focus my energy on tasks better. You can take out all of your stress and get fitter at the same time! But I understand it's not for everyone.

Make a List

Sometimes when I get overwhelmed with work, I make lists. By ranking my assignments by priority, I can effectively see what I need to focus on first. Try it out! Not only is it a break from studying, but it is productive as well.      

Listen to Music

Whether you're studying, or just hanging out, listening to music can better your day. Heck, you can sing along! Just make sure you talk with your roommate and discuss rules about if you're able to belt "Let it Go" from Frozen in your room. As for doing your homework, studies have shown that listening to classical music is best for math and science, while pop and other types of music are best for your English and other humanities courses.  

Take a Quick Break

Don't push yourself too hard! Everyone needs to take a break here and there. I always like to watch YouTube videos about anything. The only downside is that once you watch one video, it can be easy to watch an hour's worth. There may be some websites where it can moderate your time on specific websites like Facebook or Twitter.    

On an unrelated note, I interviewed to be a community advisor (CA) for next year. I find out tomorrow! I'll let you know soon.

Well, I better go back to my homework. (Or finish watching  House of Cards  on Netflix!)  Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Niagara! :)  

Cya later,
Michael Stilson