Frequently Asked Questions

Our health clinic is staffed with a full-time nurse practitioner in collaboration with our medical director who is onsite every Thursday morning. We are also staffed with a full-time clinical director, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

Student Health Services provides an allergy clinic every Thursday morning from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to students who wish to continue with their established allergy vaccine protocol. Vaccines are given according to the protocol and schedule that your allergist has determined for you. Give your allergist our form, “Instructions for allergy Serum administration”, and request that it is completed and mail or fax it to Niagara University’s Student Health Services. Verbal orders will not be accepted. Make arrangements to have your allergy serum delivered to Student Health Services or you may hand deliver your allergy serum during the first week of classes. Your vaccine is stored in a container clearly marked with your name and is stored in a specially designated refrigerator in the Student Health clinic. 

During the first week of classes, make an appointment to meet with one of the clinic’s registered nurses, who will review our allergy clinic protocol with you. A minimum of 72 hours will be required from the time that the Instructions for Allergy Serum Administration form and the serum are submitted to Student Health Services before it is administered to you. This is to ensure a complete review of the information provided and to communicate with your allergist if the need arises.

Before you begin immunotherapy, here are a few things you should know:

 1.)  We recommend you call your insurance company to verify what your coverage will be for immunotherapy
 2.)  When you call your insurance company, please give them the following billing codes (cpt codes).
 3.)  The initial extract will be made prior to your injection visit by your allergist.

The following billing codes will be used:

1 injection for allergy immunotherapy – 95115
2 or more injections for allergy immunotherapy – 95117

Diagnosis Code:  V07.1

When you come in for your injections we will only be billing for the injection. If you only receive 1 shot, we will bill using billing code #95115. If you receive 2 or more shots, we will bill using billing code #95117. There will be no charge for the office visit.

With the information provided above, your insurance company should be able to tell you what your co-pay or co-insurance will be for your injections.

If you have any questions regarding the billing information provided, please call our office at 716-286-8390 or email Clinic Director, Lori Soos at

Appointments may be scheduled online through your myNU account. Routine appointments may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance and allergy shots up to four weeks in advance. We do offer same day appointments for students feeling ill. Walk in appointments will be triaged by the nurse and clinic policy followed regarding scheduling appointments. Medical emergencies are always handled as such.

Medical excuses from classes are provided only when absolutely warranted based on the severity of illness as determined by our medical staff. Medical excuses are not provided to students who have missed classes without being seen at Health Services. Students should not schedule appointments during class time. Students who are kept  out of classes by their own PCP are responsible for forwarding a medical excuse from their PCP to all of their faculty members and to the Student Health Clinic.

Student Health Services accepts most health insurance plans.  For more information, please call the office at 716.286.8390.

When seen at Health Services for an appointment, students may choose to receive their medications directly from us "at cost." An invoice for services rendered is available upon request for those wishing to submit to their health insurance company for reimbursement. A student may also request a written prescription for medications to have filled at a local pharmacy of their choice. Click HERE for a list of local pharmacies.

No, we are not a dispensing pharmacy.

All labs ordered by our providers in Health Services will be done in the clinic, sent to Quest Labs and be billed to the student's health insurance. Our staff will assist students who request lab draws from their personal physician if the correct median is available. Labs ordered by an outside provider will not be reviewed by our clinic staff; they will be sent directly to the ordering doctor by Quest Labs.

The staff at Health Services will assist your student in making arrangements to obtain in/out-of-network referrals when needed. For all non-urgent referrals, our staff will typically give treatment options to the student and encourage them to discuss these with their parents before choosing a treatment plan.

Please visit our Emergency and After Hour Care page for a list of afterhours care facilities.

SHS is open Monday-Friday for patient appointments during the academic year. Hours Vary. For current hours please visit Summer hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. Friday. The Health Clinic is closed for all official university holidays, breaks and snow days.

The following information is required to be turned into Health Services one month prior to the start of classes.

  1. Complete online medical forms. Students must submit their required forms directly online at, and then choose graduate or undergraduate forms.
  2. Documented proof of Two Measles, One Mumps and One Rubella Immunization. The first dose must have been received no more than 4 days prior to the student's first birth date. Proof of immunity as defined by N.Y. State can be found on the Health Center website at
  3. Documented proof of the Meningococcal meningitis vaccination or a signed waiver (which can be found on our Required Student Health Forms page) stating you declined the immunization and understand the risks. This is available to you while submitting your online medical forms.
  4. Completed medical form with physical examination: All undergraduate and transfer students are required to submit a physical examination dated within one year of arrival. This physical exam must include a PPD screening for tuberculosis completed by your medical provider.  The form can be found on our Required Student Health Forms page.
  5. Complete N.U. Disability Services Student intake form if applicable at , click on required student health forms, then online-disability form.
  6. International Students: Proof of adequate insurance is required. For more information please go to