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Coming to Niagara, I thought that I'd maybe have one friend. Boy was I wrong!

I have none. Just kidding!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that people at Niagara are extremely nice. Let me tell you about my bestest of friends here at Niagara:

Courtney, on the far left, has been my best friend since senior yearof high school. Yes, I know that sounds weird calling her my best friend having just met her last year. We really have a fun time. No, not partying. We do however watch Glee together. For some reason, all we do is laugh at each other's laughs and weird noises. I know this sounds like we're unusual people, but we really love each other for who we are.

Sarah Hanson, on the other side of me, is one of my newer friends. Sarah is also writing student blogs! We have a math and education class together. She is super funny and so smart!

The other Sarah is on the far right. No, I don't really call her "the other Sarah." Her catch phrase is "Settle Down!" She is hilarious and gorgeous. No, we're not dating...yet. I'm kidding, she's taken. The Sarahs are roommates and live in the same building as me.

Margot, who is a psychology major, is now added to my list of friends. No, I don't mean that literally, but Margot and I have really bonded over these past two weeks. We both are a little less energetic in comparison to Courtney and the Sarahs.

I know I didn't talk a lot about Niagara, but I really feel like I have been blessed with a new family. I really love hanging out with all of them, whether it is eating at Clet, studying at the library or watching Glee.  

Okay, I really have to start reading for my biology class now!      

Michael Stilson