Class Year:

Spanish Education 7-12

ASL & Deaf Studies

PSIA Cerfitied Ski Instructor

Extra Curriculars:
Women's Golf Team, Bienvenidos, NUSGA Parliamentarian

First Year: Success!

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It's official: I have made it through my freshman year of college! It has definitely been an exciting year with lots of opportunities, challenges and, of course, a lot of fun! Here is a list of things that have had the most influence on me throughout my first year of college:  


Clearly, most of my previous posts have included this wonderful organization and this is the last time I will reference it as a freshman senator! I have been voted in as the communications director in the NUSGA cabinet for next semester. I am excited and so grateful for the opportunity to further involve myself on campus. In addition to working toward completing the cabinet's overall goals, my major personal roles within the organization will be to update the NUSGA  website  as well as edit and create the  Purple Pulse.  If anyone is interested in NUSGA or in becoming a member of a student-run committee (open to all NU students), feel free to email me!

Women's Golf

As the year winds down to a close, I am heading into my final golf tournament of the year: the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Championships  held in Orlando, Fla. Every student-athlete receives a pass to each park, which is fantastic, considering I have never been to Disney World! I have had so many opportunities to travel, learn and develop as a student-athlete as a member of the golf team and I am blessed to be representing NU. Furthermore, I would like to extend my appreciation to my teammates, specifically the upperclassmen who welcomed and accepted me and the other incoming freshmen so nicely. They always answer my questions, give me advice, and are never anything less than friendly to me. Thanks, ladies!


In the beginning of the semester, I participated in the "Niagara Plunge" program that enabled me to move on to campus early, meet new people, serve the community, and involve myself with Campus Ministry. I am so happy that I enrolled in the program and met so many people with whom I am still friends. If you are interested in applying for the Plunge, contact  Campus Ministry  for an application or any additional information. I may end up as your group facilitator!


Although I have had some tough classes throughout my first year, I enjoyed the work and courses anyways. The professors at NU are top-notch and willing to help any and every student who needs it. The classes are typically small and there are countless opportunities to be challenged because of small class sizes. The NU community is extremely supportive and collaborative with students in every way possible.  


Here is a list of the fun activities that each of the clubs to which I belong have accomplished for the past few years:  

  • ASL Club - Sign Idol (American Idol, except with Sign Language!), silent hours, silent shopping.
  • Bienvendios - La Tomatina (except with water balloons), NU Cup (like the FIFA World Cup but with university organizations), Dia de los Muertos Altar.
  • NU Future Teachers Association - professional seminars featuring educators with various backgrounds, book giveaways.
  • WNIA Radio - KISS 98.5 station tour, individual show hosting.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this year: