Class Year:

Spanish Education 7-12

ASL & Deaf Studies

PSIA Cerfitied Ski Instructor

Extra Curriculars:
Women's Golf Team, Bienvenidos, NUSGA Parliamentarian

Finals Mania

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Finals Mania

Hi, everyone! My first semester at Niagara is coming to an end and Finals Mania is soon to begin. Luckily, I have been on top of things and started my final projects and study guides early so I can be less frantic during the next week. Today, I would to talk about a few different things happening on campus, things I'm doing to stay on top of my schoolwork and, of course, the best ways to relax during such a stressful time!

  1. NUSGA
  2. Relaxation Week
  3. School First
  4. Off Campus


NUSGA, the Niagara University Student Government Association, is first on my list because of our big event on Friday night (Dec. 6) at the men's basketball game vs. Sienna. It's the first big event for our delegation and I was both excited and nervous. We gave away free t-shirts to the first 170 freshmen who presented tickets to the game. There were also raffle tickets on sale for a variety of prizes from gift cards to additional t-shirts.

All day Friday, we were selling tickets, making posters and, of course, spreading the word to our fellow classmates! I'm so proud of our delegation; I think we did a great job in a short time period to pull off a wonderful event!

I would like to quickly note the fantastic turnout we had for Freshmen Night. All 170 t-shirts were gone by 6:30 (that is one half hour before the game even starts) and we raised roughly $280, which goes to our Adopt-a-Family fund to buy Christmas presents for a local impoverished family. Thanks, NU Athletics and Campus Activities, for helping us coordinate and, of course, the Class of 2017 for coming out!

Aside from our first major event, I really feel that I can help make changes at NU. I recently submitted some possible parking change suggestions and they are being considered by the parking committee. Our delegation, particularly one of our commuter senators, has been trying to change pathways to cover some torn up dirt paths that are frequently walked over by students taking shortcuts to get to buildings on campus.  

Relaxation Week

I decided to put this before my workload, merely because I am going to enjoy relaxation week much more so than studying for finals (ha-ha). A ton of different student groups, including NUSGA, organize a variety of relaxation opportunities on campus during finals week. I am excited for the therapy dogs that will be in the library (I'm not sure how much I will get done if I'm surrounded by puppies but I will definitely be relaxed!).

My class delegation is hosting "Timbit Tuesday" and is giving away free Tim Hortons at 9 a.m. in the Gallagher Center. There are dozens of events planned for next week to give students a bit of a break during such a stressful time of the year.  

School First

Although I put it third on my list, schoolwork is always first. I have been a little stressed out with the sheer amount of work I need to get done; however, I have been way ahead of schedule all semester and it is finally paying off.

I go to the library in two- or three-hour chunks to just get as much done in one subject as I can and usually finish a project, study guide, or paper by the end of a time chunk. This week, I have been going to the library about three to four hours a day do get more and more done so I can enjoy the weekend and be focused on my first two finals. Study guides are great, but you need to do them at least a week in advance so you can actually study from them later. Hopefully, all my work pays off and good final exam grades will come my way.  

Off Campus

Relaxation week is great, but sometimes I need to get off campus for a few hours. Sometimes I will save up around 50 bucks to spend at the Fashion Outlets, Target, or another one of my favorite stores to just get away from my room and the library.

Even though ordering delivery is a great idea when you are tired of the dining hall, it's nice to go to a restaurant every so often (my favorite: Fuji Grill). If it's better weather and a passport is available, take a day trip to Canada and let loose in the haunted houses and mini golf. It's fun! Don't restrict yourself to campus 24/7 during finals, you will go insane. Get some work done, take a break and buy a sweater (that's my theory) — then work some more.