CA candidates must be a full-time Niagara University student who has been enrolled for at least one full semester by the end of the spring 2013 semester, achieve a GPA of at least 2.5, and have lived on campus for at least one semester.

All references will be emailed a link to a reference form during the week of Feb. 3. References must complete this form by Feb. 12.

CAs are paid via work study for 376 hours per semester at $11.65/hour. They also receive a single room at double room rate and a no-cost parking permit. CAs also gain skills that are transferrable to every career: communication, time management, teamwork, etc. There is no other job like it, and it looks great on a resume!

Each week is a little different, but most weeks include approximately 15-20 hours of work. Some of this is structured (meetings, trainings, duty shifts) and some of it is flexible (time spent on the floor, programming, paperwork).

Duty depends on the area. Some buildings (Seton, O'Shea, and Clet) require the CAs on duty to sit at the front desk for some of their duty shift, while other buildings (Lynch, OD, Varsity Village, apartments) require the CAs on duty to be in their rooms. CAs on duty will go on rounds a few times each night to look for any safety issues, address concerns and to interact with residents.

The residence directors put a great deal of time and thought into placing CAs in the building or area where we believe they will be most successful. During interviews, candidates will be asked about what type of community they believe that they will be best fit, and candidates can always make requests. Ultimately, placements are made by the Residence Life professional staff to have the strongest possible staff to best serve the needs of students.

You can contact the residence director of your area/building or residence director, Baylee Richards, brichards@niagara.edu. You can also stop into the Residence Life Office, located on the first floor of O'Shea Hall, or call 716.286.8566.