Faculty & Staff Giving

College of Business Administration

“I have been part of the Niagara family for many years. There is nowhere else that I would rather work. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that my sons had to receive a true Vincentian education. Niagara University has a soul that radiates kindness, compassion, and generosity to all who come in contact with us. It would never occur to me not to give something back.”
Elaine Morreale, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College of Business Administration

“When the College of Business Administration moved into Bisgrove Hall in 2007, it made a big difference to us, our students and our business community members. When the appeal came out for the new science building, the B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Sciences, I was anxious to help out my colleagues and their great programs — they will appreciate their new space.”
Dr. James Kling, Associate Professor of Management

“As a professor of accounting here at Niagara University, the education of its students has been the focus of most of my professional career. Being committed to students seeking advanced education, not just a college diploma, remains my passion. By supporting Niagara through my annual Niagara Fund gift, I “go that extra mile” to promote my belief in the value of an education. Each one of us has the unique opportunity to expand the strength of our giving and the success of Niagara.”
Professor Al Oddo, Professor of Accounting — Director of University Mission

Martha "Martie" E. Howell (1996)

Director of Niagara's Student Accounts Office

As a student, I received the Niagara Shares Scholarship. When I received the scholarship, it was such a wonderful gift from the employees of Niagara University. After I became an employee, I wanted to give back to the program that had helped me. Even small amounts can make a difference for our students. If many people give small amounts, they will add up.

Library Staff

As employees, we get so much support from NU in terms of benefits, tuition remission, and a great work environment, that the least we can do is give something back. Plus, Niagara is more than just our employer, it is our community.
-- David M. Schoen, Director of Libraries, Charles T. Dabkowski, Sr. Assistant Librarian — Acquisitions, Kris Schrader, Technical Assistant — Cataloging

As an employee of Niagara University for 24 years, I feel an emotional attachment to the university. My daughter graduated in 1998 and giving back through the scholarship program is one way of saying thank you. Giving to others who may not afford college not only changes their life but also attracts and retains enrollment here at NU.
-- Eleanor S. Jacoby, Technical Assistant — Cataloging

Kaylin Ranagan (2008)

Former Admissions Counselor

I chose to give back to the Niagara University Faculty/Staff Campaign because, as an alumnus and current employee of the university, I know how much students rely on scholarships to attend NU. The scholarship I received as a student made Niagara more affordable for my family and me. My time at NU has helped me grow academically, professionally, and spiritually. I hope that it will continue to be able to offer the same opportunities for future Niagara students.

Jay Stockslader

Director of Continuing Education

I can always DO more… BE more… GIVE more… PRAY more and have more JOY every day. Therefore, it is an exciting time at NU with a campus emphasis, public relation focus, and inspiration words of using MORE. I give to NU because the MORE I give of myself, my time, my finances, the MORE peace and blessings I receive every day.

Jacob Vivian and Erin Haley

With the assistance of Niagara’s Faculty and Staff giving back to the university, I was able to accept NU’s scholarship offer and begin receiving first hand classroom experiences in the education program. This assistance also has allowed me to work in the leadership environment of the university, an opportunity to network with alumni, gaining valuable input regarding career options.
-- Jacob Vivian, ’12 — Education Adolescence and Special Education with an English Concentration and a Minor in Literacy

Receiving the Presidential Award at Niagara for my academic achievement in high school has allowed me financially to attend Niagara University and continue my educational journey to fulfill my personal goal of becoming an extraordinary educator for tomorrow’s youth. I realize how important it is to give back to Niagara and help allow other students, such as myself, to pursue scholarly excellence and take advantage of the opportunities Niagara University has to offer. A lifetime of learning and service to others in our communities!
-- Erin Haley, ’12 — Elementary and Special Education with a Liberal Arts Concentration and a Minor in Literacy

Jaclyn Rossi, MS Ed. (2008)

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

I give because Niagara has played an immense part of who I am today. Niagara also needs to stay at the top of its game, and financial backing keeps it at the forefront. Giving supports it all — the people, our buildings and the infrastructure for learning.

Human Resources Office

Having worked for other employers, I have a greater appreciation of Niagara's sense of community, the caring for others and the dedication to our Vincentian Mission. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work at Niagara University and share in its rich traditions. I contribute because I want the university to continue to serve its students and benefit the local community, especially those less fortunate than me.
-- Robert E. Pfeil, Director

I am thankful that my parents were able to send me to Niagara University and now feel very fortunate to be an employee of NU. Giving to the Niagara Fund is my way of saying "THANK YOU" to all that Niagara has done for me.
-- Jennifer Suitor, ’91, Assistant Director

When I reflect back on my years here at Niagara University and what it has afforded me and my family, I’m thankful and would like to see the same for others. Giving back to Niagara just seems like the right thing to do — it is an investment in our future and the future of many young adults.
-- Rita Geiben, ’99, ’05, Employment Manager

I feel, as a student and an employee, that Niagara University is a wonderful place. I view my experience here as part of my life cycle. I received an invaluable education, and gained both personally and spiritually through my experiences here. I contribute to Niagara University because my life cycle would not be complete unless I return the blessings I have received.
-- Christine Hart, ’00, ’12, Benefits Manager

I appreciate everything the university does for me and my family, and this is just my way of giving back a little to say thank you. I think it's important to support the university in any way we can.
-- Amy Smith, Administrative Assistant

Fred Heuer (1977)

Assistant Vice President Marketing

My wife and I have been contributors to Niagara’s Niagara Fund for 21 years. Niagara has done so much for us; not only as students but also now as employees. One of the many benefits we have received is the tuition exchange program which made it possible for our daughter to attend college at no cost. We see our annual contribution as a great investment in Niagara and its students.

Rev. Joseph G. Hubbert, C.M., Ph.D. (1973)

Vincentian Religious Superior, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

In my mind, support for Niagara University flows from the words of the old Alma Mater, "This is our home our college home..." Niagara has been "home" for me as a student, as a professor, and as a member of the Vincentian Community. I am glad to have the chance to join in the ongoing effort to make sure that such a "home" might be possible for students seeking to gain wisdom, knowledge and spiritual direction in their lives, as well as, to be able to impact our world in a positive way.