Extracurricular Honors Activities

"Honors Learning for Life" Mixers

The purpose of "Honors Learning for Life" (HLFL) events are two-fold: First, they are mixers for Honors students only. They allow Honors students to build a greater sense of community and belonging with each other. Honors students will be able to meet and interact with other students in the Honors program in a non-classroom setting. (And, yes, free food is served!)

Second, HLFL events are designed to allow Honors students to learn something new, interesting and intellectually stimulating that they might not be able to learn during normal coursework.

True Honors students are intellectually curious and always want to learn new things. HLFL events allow them to fulfill that curiosity in an environment outside of the classroom that is more informal and fun. The topics covered in HLFL are interesting in their own right. Knowledge of them will not only enrich one's general intellectual life in the future, but will make one more adept at and interesting in those 'cocktail party' situations. I sincerely hope that all Honors students will attend as many HLFL events as possible.

For a list of upcoming Honors Learning for Life Mixers, see our events page at www.niagara.edu/honors.

Special Guest Honors Meals

This program allows a select number of Honors students (usually 4-6) to share a lunch or dinner with a special guest or speaker that is visiting Niagara University. Honors students thus have a chance to meet and spend time with an expert who is not normally on campus. Moreover, it enables guests of NU to be exposed to some of the best and brightest we have at NU.

If you are a member of the faculty, staff or administration at Niagara University and wish to participate in this program, please contact Kathy Sydor.

For a list of upcoming Special Guest Honors Meals, see our homepage at www.niagara.edu/honors.