Dr.  Joseph Little

Dr. Joseph Little

Associate Professor of English and Director of WRT 100

Office Location:
Dunleavy Hall, Room 351


A member of the English Department since 2005, I teach undergraduate courses in writing and direct the first-year writing program for the university. My regularly scheduled courses include:

  • Writing 100, Thinking and Writing
  • English 343, Writing and Well-Being
  • English 348, Ethnography and Travel Writing (with optional field study in Guatemala)
  • English 350, Style
  • English 355, Teaching Composition

My most recent work is Letters from the Other Side of Silence, a spiritual memoir published in 2017 by Homebound Publications. All author profits from the sale of this book are donated to the Friendship Village, a home, school, and clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam, that serves approximately 120 children and young adults living with disability owing to Agent Orange.

An advocate of experiential education, I enjoy taking a small group of students on an eight-day backpacking trip in the highlands of Guatemala every spring break. Known as the Great Guatemalan Adventure, the trip is open to all Niagara students regardless of major.