About Us

EAGLE coordinator Mitchell Alegre at a recent NU Activity Fair
EAGLE coordinator Mitchell Alegre at a recent NU Activity Fair

The EAGLE Process

The mission of EAGLE (Experience And Growth in Leadership Education) is to develop leaders. The vision EAGLE holds is of individuals committed to learn, serve, lead.

  • Learn: Committed to lifelong learning.
  • Serve: Dedicated to helping others.
  • Lead: Being a role model.

Leadership is a dynamic system of continuous interaction between leader, follower, and context. EAGLE is about helping individuals learn how to influence each component of this system by knowing how to lead self and others within ever-changing environments.

The EAGLE approach to learning adheres to Niagara University’s belief in educating the whole person. EAGLE employs a conscious process to develop the individual’s body, mind, soul, and spirit.

  • Body: Physical wellness.
  • Mind: Intellectual development.
  • Soul: Living from an awareness of the inner connection with the universal.
  • Spirit: Expanding consciousness of the unity of all creation.

EAGLE guides individuals on the hero’s journey to discover the four important things about life and work as identified by James Autry in his book Life & Work.

  • Find your people: Who is your community?.
  • Find your place: What is your role?
  • Tell your story: What is your contribution?
  • Listen: What is the feedback from and the needs of the community?

EAGLE abides by the Vincentian educational values in its approach to learning.

  • Holistic: Learning that incorporates the body, mind, soul, and spirit.
  • Integrated: Acquiring knowledge and practicing its application.
  • Creative: Experimenting with new ways of learning.
  • Flexible: Open to change in how we learn.
  • Excellence: Ongoing improvement.
  • Person Oriented: Show respect to all.
  • Collaborative: Work together as equals.
  • Focus: Serve others.

The EAGLE curriculum is designed as a four year developmental process leading participants from dependence, to independence, toward interdependence. To become a leader requires developing the outer skills to lead and the inner qualities to be a leader. This process is intended for those who are willing to commit to an adventure of inner discovery that will unfold into an outer journey of accomplishment. Participants will move through self-exploration, to skill development, to team applications, to mentoring others. The process will address being a leader (personal development) and leading (developing the skills to lead). Workshops will incorporate active learning methods. Participants will be given tools for continued development and practice outside of the workshops.

The EAGLE Promise

The developmental process of becoming a leader may be described in terms of the hero’s journey. The hero’s journey begins with separation from the known and common. The hero ventures forth, encounters adventures, is endowed with new powers, and returns to the community to share what s/he has learned while on the journey. What is to be learned? Four lines from James Autry’s book Life And Work are helpful in answering this question. Autry--a business executive, writer, and poet--identifies “Four Important Things in Life and Work:”

  • Find your people.
  • Find your place.
  • Tell your story.
  • Listen.

These lines capture the essence of the hero’s journey.

Find your people:

  • Who is your community?
  • Who are the people you are called to serve?
  • Who is in need of what you have to offer?

Find your place:

  • What is your role within your community?
  • How do you fit into the larger whole?

Tell your story:

  • What is the message you bring to your community?
  • What is the gift you have to offer your people?
  • How can you best share that gift?


  • What is the response to your message?
  • Are you having the impact you intended?
  • How are your people’s needs changing?
  • How must you grow so that you may continue to serve your community?

The search for answers to these questions is what constitutes the hero’s journey. The answers to these questions are the boon you are to bring back to those you are called to lead. EAGLE is about helping you find those answers.