Mission and Goals


  1. To provide advanced education and professional development in criminal justice administration for those currently working in the criminal justice system.
  2. To provide advanced education for those seeking future leadership positions in the criminal justice field.

The program serves two student populations: those currently working full time in criminal justice who seek further education in the field, and those not yet working in criminal justice who plan to pursue criminal justice-related careers in operations, research or teaching.


The philosophy of the program is closely intertwined with the mission of Niagara University. It is designed to prepare its graduates for productive roles in society, as well as to provide them the opportunity to fulfill their potential. A holistic education is offered through an integrated program that encourages students to develop powers of discrimination and judgment, and fosters their commitment to ethical, intellectual and social values. The program aims to accomplish these objectives through a core of courses that develops skills in management, statistics, methodology, research, justice, ethics, liability, writing and speaking.

As the curriculum suggests, the program aims to do more than train competent managers and administrators. It also strives to inculcate communication, analytical and decision-making skills, as well as professional ethics that will enable graduates to function as effective leaders in any organizational environment. The curriculum also helps graduates to anticipate, address and correct problems faced in the criminal justice professions in an efficient, effective and ethical manner.