Internships & Co-ops

Graduate students can take internships for course credit by enrolling with Dr. Paul Schupp:

  • Undergraduates enroll in CRJ 390 - Field Experience in Criminal Justice for fall internships, or CRJ 395 - Independent Study for spring or summer internships.
  • Graduate students enroll in CRJ 600 - Independent Study/Supervised Readings for internships in any semester.

Finding an Internship

  • Look over the internship postings on the bulletin board in Timon Hall outside of Room 7.
  • Visit the Cooperative Education Office on the lower level of Seton Hall. They have many internship postings and will help create a file to help you find an internship.
  • Contact Dr. Paul Schupp in Timon Hall, Room 7.

Please email for additional information and potential internship contacts.