Conference Proceedings

2014 CCTL Conference Sessions

A new FLC: What? So what? Now, what?

Presented by:  Paul Vermette, Cindy Kline, Peter Butera, Paula Kot, Robyn Goacher, Diane Halm, Luis Sanchez, Chang Huh, Jerry Carpenter, Yonghong Tong, Youngsoo Choi, Kalen Churcher, Mark Gallo, Danyelle Moore

Creating and Implementing Well-Structured Cooperative Learning

Presented by:  Cindy Kline, Paul Vermette, John Myers, and Jennifer Jones

Designing an Exemplary Course: Self-paced Online course for Faculty Professional Development

Presented by:  Jeremiah Grabowski, Anne Reed, Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, and Cynthia Tysick





Using Group Activities Both Wisely and Well

Presented by:  Dr. Barbara Millis

Why the Affective Domain Matters in Teaching

Presented by:  Dr. Barbara Millis

Using Cooperative Activities to Foster Deep Learning

Presented by:  Dr. Barbara Millis