Conference Proceedings

2014 CCTL Conference Sessions

  • Opening Eyes and Minds: Active, Integrative Learning about Discrimination

    Presented by:  Sharon Green and Martha Krupa

  • Putting the Evidence into Evidence-Based Instruction: Strategies for Putting Your Own Interventions to the Test

    Presented by:  Carol Tutzauer

  • Designing an Exemplary Course: Self-paced Online course for Faculty Professional Development

    Presented by:  Jeremiah Grabowski, Anne Reed, Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, and Cynthia Tysick





  • A new FLC: What? So what? Now, what?

    Presented by:  Paul Vermette, Cindy Kline, Peter Butera, Paula Kot, Robyn Goacher, Diane Halm, Luis Sanchez, Chang Huh, Jerry Carpenter, Yonghong Tong, Youngsoo Choi, Kalen Churcher, Mark Gallo, Danyelle Moore

  • Creating and Implementing Well-Structured Cooperative Learning

    Presented by:  Cindy Kline, Paul Vermette, John Myers, and Jennifer Jones

  • How Adult Learners Acquire Mathematics Anxiety Through School: Implications to Developmental Instruction by Way of Knowles' Andragogy

    Presented by:  Chris Yuen

  • Teaching for the 21st Century: Using Research to Inform Practice

    Presented by:  Dr. Barbara Millis

  • Using Group Activities Both Wisely and Well

    Presented by:  Dr. Barbara Millis

  • Why the Affective Domain Matters in Teaching

    Presented by:  Dr. Barbara Millis

  • Using Cooperative Activities to Foster Deep Learning

    Presented by:  Dr. Barbara Millis

  • Is there any Relationship between Students' Computer Self-Efficacy (CSE) and their Perception of e-book experiences over time?

    Presented by:  Youngsoo Choi, Dexter Davis, and Chang Huh