Senior Year

Senior year offers up a lot of opportunities for students to get involved on campus, whether it be  research, internships/co-ops, lab-work, or theatre productions. Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher can even take advantage of some graduate courses. Utilizing these opportunities and the  resources available in the Career Development Office can help you get a jump on the job/graduate school search.

Where to Start

  1. Complete Your Senior Check (details below)
  2. Review Our Advice for Seniors
  3. Explore Career Planning for A&S Majors
  4. Get involved and take advantage of all Niagara has to offer
  5. Learn more about Graduation & Commencement

Senior Checks (Required) Prepare You for Graduation

Seniors are required to complete a senior check at least two (2) semesters before graduation after they have earned about 80 credits (approximately the end of junior/early senior year). The timing of senior checks is based on your expected graduation date.

  • May or August Graduation: Prior Summer, or beginning of fall semester (August, September, or October)
  • January Graduation: Beginning of prior spring semester.

See the sidebar for more details on how to sign up or speed up your senior check.

Senior checks allow you to be proactive in pursuing your degree. At your senior check you will:

  • Step 1:  Fill out the  Senior Check / Diploma Information Form to submit your diploma order and contact information for graduation mailings.  
  • Step 2:  Fill out the  Survey of Graduating Seniors  which helps us to evaluate and improve the college.
  • Step 3:  Complete a  Senior Check Contract  where you will review your completed coursework against your official degree requirements  and identify remaining requirements, possible minors, etc...
  • Senior checks can be updated to review your progress, answer any concerns, or revise your information.

Failure to complete a check early or follow your senior check recommendations can jeopardize graduation.

  • The later you complete a senior check in your senior year, the less opportunities are available to identify and solve issues that might arise.
  • Senior checks are required before diplomas are ordered or permission is given to participate in commencement.