Graduate Programs

Master's Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences

Criminal Justice Administration, MS

Building off the strengths of our criminal justice faculty this program offers an opportunity to gain a critical understanding of criminal justice administration and related social, economic, and political issues with a national and international focus.

Interdisciplinary Studies, MA

This program allows students to construct an innovative curriculum that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries to address questions or themes of interest. Graduates gain in-depth knowledge of research, trends in interdisciplinary scholarship, as well as preparation for career advancement in their field.

Fast Tracks: Undergraduate to Graduate Options

5 year BS-MS program in Criminal Justice Administration

Up to 3 graduate courses can be taken as part of your undergraduate degree for NU students who qualify. The courses can count toward the students advised electives. The option is open to junior/senior criminal justice majors and minors. It allows students the ability to complete their undergraduate and graduate degree in approximately 5 years.

Graduate Courses as an Undergraduate

Students with a 3.0 or higher GPA going into senior year, can take up to 2 courses (1 per semester) as extra courses beyond their degree requirements. This program is open to all students and the courses can be used toward any of our graduate programs.

Transfer & Prior NU Credits

Transfer Credit

Once you have determined with your adviser what will transfer in, contact the Dean's Office to fill out a Graduate Credit Form to have the credit posted on your transcript. If you need assistance in the process, contact the Dean's Office or the director of your program.

  • Up to 3 courses can be transferred into the Criminal Justice Administration, MS.
  • Up to 4 courses can be transferred into the Interdisciplinary Studies, MA.
  • Official transcripts are required to verify that the courses are B grades or higher and at least 3 credits.

Prior NU Credit

Prior NU credit from graduate courses taken as an undergraduate must be shifted from your undergraduate transcript. During your first semester as a graduate student, fill out the Graduate Credit Form to transition your prior NU Credit to your graduate transcript. If you need assistance in the process, contact the Dean's Office or the director of your program. Graduate courses taken as part of other graduate programs at NU will be evaluated by your adviser and should already be on your transcript.

Information for Graduate Students

Much of the information you will need for advisement as a graduate student is handled by your adviser or department. This allows for more direct lines of communication and personal service. However, if you need assistance feel free to contact the Dean's Office.