Students and Alumni


  • The Computer Task Group Inc. awards for Excellence in Computer and Information Sciences are presented annually to outstanding graduating seniors in CIS.

    • 2011: Travis Rockwood
    • 2010: George Carpenter, David Shakarjian
    • 2009: Preston Cuer, Matthew Stein
    • 2008: Christopher Patch
    • 2007: Adam Benjamin, Julie Drew
    • 2006: Robert Abrams, III
    • 2005: Adam Berry, Alonza Jackson-McCabe
    • 2004: Michael Celeste, Valerie Devine
    • 2003: Amanda Brundage, Rita Franc
    • 2002: Brian Nevans, Jeffery Stockburger
    • 2001: Lynne DePasquale, Christopher Ranous
    • 2000: David Hunt, Jeffrey Witt
    • 1999: Michael Rogan, Michael Simons
    • 1998: Claudia Ferchen, Debra Wozniak
    • 1997: Jeremy Andrasek, David Rowland
    • 1996: Nerijus Vidmantas, Pauline Wells
    • 1995: Victor Gadzik, Lynn Morello
    • 1994: Vincent Grebas, Theodore White
    • 1993: Dominick Capobianco, Cindy Mack
    • 1992: George Bartha, Nancy Horeth
    • 1991: Lynn Niemiec, Richard Kernin
    • 1990: August Kuhling, Beryl Smith
    • 1989: Tony DiFruscio, John Saviola
    • 1988: Mary Ann (Baughman) Stets, Gail Brown
    • 1987: Kathleen Voltz, Donna Yarwood
    • 1986: Laurie House, Kenneth Voltz
    • 1985: Virginia Mariani, George McKinney
    • 1984: Kevin Kernin, Nathan Ostroff
  • College of Arts and Sciences honors in Computer and Information Sciences are presented every spring at the Arts and Sciences honors ceremony. Winners are seniors in CIS with high grades and/or outstanding service to computing at Niagara.

    • 2010: George Carpenter, David Shakarjian
    • 2009: Craig Cordiner, Preston Cuer, Curtis Robords, Matthew Stein
    • 2008: Preston Cuer, Christopher Patch
    • 2007: Adam Benjamin, Scott Caflisch, Julie Drew
    • 2006: Robert Abrams, III
    • 2005: Adam Berry, Stephen Englert, Alonza Jackson-McCabe
    • 2004: Michael Celeste, Valerie Devine, Patricia Jacus
    • 2003: David Basamania, Amanda Brundage, Edwin Cabrera, Rita Franc, Michael Kempster, Joshua McCurdy, Douglas Scheidig
    • 2002: Brian Nevans, Jeffery Stockburger
    • 2001: Lynne DePasquale, Steven Phillips, Christopher Ranous, Mary V. "Vicky" Topper
    • 2000: David Hunt, Jeffrey Witt
    • 1999: Christine Kowalski, Michael Rogan, Michael Simons
    • 1998: Claudia Ferchen, Travis Galoppo, Terri Sokol, Grant Wolcott, Debra Wozniak
    • 1997: Jeremy Andrasik, David Rowland
    • 1996: Nerijus Vidmantas, Pauline Wells
    • 1995: Alexa Curtis, Victor Gadzik, Michael Green, Nina Morales, Lynn Morello
    • 1994: Paul Bonnette, Vincent Grebas, Matthew Sotherden, Clifford Toole, Theodore White
    • 1993: Dominick Capobianco, Cindy Mack
    • 1992: George Bartha, Nancy Horeth
    • 1991: Richard Kernin, Lynn Niemiec, Elizabeth Storms, Patricia Toarmino
    • 1990: Edward Barauskas, Ralph Chille, August Kuhling, David Mettler, Russell Morgan, Beryl Smith
    • 1989: Tony DiFruscio, Michael Hayes, Anne Marie Peter, Gary Prohaska, John Saviola
    • 1988: Mary Ann (Baughman) Stets, Gail Brown, Pamela Gray, Eileen O'Neil, Melinda Robinson
    • 1987: Suzanne DeMarchi, Maryann Tavano, Kathleen Voltz, Donna Yarwood
    • 1986: Mary Ertl, Laurie House, James Prince, Kenneth Voltz
    • 1985: Ronald Jackson, Virginia Mariani, George McKinney
    • 1984: Paul Castiglione, Kevin Kernin, Nathan Ostroff, Regina Pepper
  • The George R. Brown Jr. Memorial Award is presented annually to a CIS student with financial need to honor the memory of a Niagara CIS major who was the victim of a tragic accident.

    • 2010: Souklanun (Kenny) Homdarack
    • 2006: Adam Benjamin
    • 2005: Adam Berry
    • 2004: Sara Zielinski
    • 2003: Valerie Devine
    • 2002: Brian Nevans
    • 2001: Mary V. "Vicky" Topper
    • 2000: Gregory Grzymala, Gordon Slipko, Mary V. "Vicky" Topper
    • 1999: Jeffrey Witt
    • 1998: Grant Wolcott
    • 1997: David Rowland
    • 1996: Jennifer Cialini
    • 1995: Bernard Kolbmann
    • 1994: Nina Morales
    • 1993: KathyAnne Spence
    • 1992: Mary Joyce
    • 1991: Lynn Niemiec
    • 1990: Patrick Edwards
  • The Dr. William and Barbara Boeck Prize is a cash award for an outstanding student in Computer and Information Sciences. The Niagara University CIS faculty determine the criteria and the recipient. The recipient may be a graduating senior or an outstanding student in the junior class. The award is based on academic achievement.

    • 2011 - Travis Rockwood
    • 2010 - David Shakarjian
    • 2009 - Matthew Stein
    • 2008 - Preston Cuer
    • 2007 - Adam Benjamin
    • 2006 - Robert Abrams, III
    • 2005 - Alonza Jackson-McCabe
    • 2004 - Robert Abrams, III
    • 2003 - Valerie Devine
    • 2002 - Brian Nevans
    • 2001 - Rita Franc


  • Nancy (Horeth) Bodyk, '92

    The CIS faculty were very helpful and always available to answer questions or give advice in reference to CIS related jobs. The program itself is excellent. It provides you with the basic information on operating systems and several different programming languages. The program also gives you the opportunity to experience electives such as networks and artificial intelligence. This gives you a good idea of the different areas involved in CIS.

    My current job, as First Lieutenant in the US Army, is system administrator for my unit's tactical computer network and operations officer for communications. What I learned in the CIS program helps immeasurably in my current job. The more you can learn about computers and how they work prior to a job, the better it will help you in the long run. The course I took in networks helped me tremendously when dealing with the tactical computer network at work.

  • Jennifer Cialini, '96, shortly after entering graduate school

    I graduated from Niagara University in May 1996 and I am now working on my master's degree in computer science at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have only positive things to say about the CIS Department at Niagara. I feel I have been successfully prepared by the CIS Department to continue my education in computer science. The CIS program is well-rounded and skill-enhancing. The projects created by the professors are life-related and require the students to think through the algorithms carefully. The faculty of the CIS Department are extremely student oriented and readily available for consulting with the students. Since the class numbers are small, the professors are able to teach at a speed that usually suits all class members. I am proud to say that the skills and strengths that I developed through the Niagara University CIS Department will always be the foundation for what I am able to accomplish in my lifetime.

  • Alexa Curtis, '95; and an MBA in MIS, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), 1999

    The CIS Department at NU has helped me prepare for the career goal that I am working toward. The student-teacher ratio gives students and professors a wonderful opportunity to work with one another. The faculty is always available to help you understand the material in any way that they can. All of the faculty members that I have encountered during my years at NU have always been available on a one-to-one basis. They understand that the students are their first priority.

    The program's courses, both required and elective, offer the students the opportunity to become well-rounded individuals within the CIS field, as well as prepare you for the work world. My years at NU have proved to be the best years of my educational career.

  • Tony DiFruscio, '89

    The CIS faculty at Niagara encourages and challenges students to make the most of their abilities. My years at Niagara gave me an excellent foundation for graduate studies in computer science at McMaster University, where I worked in artificial intelligence and the development of software for robots.

  • Eduard Kamphuis (CIS '88; MBA '93)

    I cannot place a value on the education I received at NU, both in CIS and the MBA program. I am eternally grateful to Sister John, who was more than a mentor to me as I worked and attended evening classes.

  • David Rowland, '97

    As a CIS major (with a concentration in information systems), I feel very fortunate to have participated in a co-op experience with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Inc. While having received both course credit from NU and a weekly check from the company, I strongly feel the biggest payoff has been in the hands-on experience itself. It is no secret that employers find prior experience highly desirable from college graduates. NU's Center for Career Development is very active in matching students with opportunities in their respective major.

    I know that my studies at NU have sufficiently prepared me to embark in new directions on my own. For example, my co-op with IVR has introduced me to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). This experience has included the programming of database, speech recognition and interactive voice response applications. As an interesting and expanding industry, CTI remains a field of specialty in which I plan to continue after graduation.

  • Amanda Brundage, '03

    Niagara’s CIS department not only allowed me to learn from a software/programming perspective, but it also integrated numerous businessstructured computer classes and regular business courses into my curriculum. This allowed me to combine concentrations in business applications with my major in CIS.

    Because the CIS department is small, I was able to develop close relationships with the faculty and staff. They were always available for extra help — in fact, one of my professors spent a Saturday afternoon helping me with a program! A member of the faculty even recommended me for my current position as a software support specialist. In this job I undertake tasks such as PC repair and onsite installation of hardware/software/networking components. I also provide support for the numerous software applications our company provides. The education I received at Niagara and the professional relationships I formed with the faculty provided me with the skills I needed to succeed in this career.

  • Brian Nevans, '02

    The CIS department at Niagara University provided the foundation for my career in computer programming and enabled me to succeed in the workforce. The quality education and hands-on courses offered provided the framework for my position as lead programmer for a computer software company.

    One thing that really impressed me about the department was the fact that the CIS professors were always willing to help me with any problem I may have had, and did so on their own time. In addition, the cooperative internship I had during school provided me with real-world experience and helped me to secure a job right out of college.

  • Nancy Horeth Bodyk '92

    Nancy was in the army as Battalion Signal Officer responsible for repair and updating of all automation in the battalion, and was the Primary Network Administrator for the Battalion. She also was responsible for a variety of (non-computerized) communications equipment.

    When we last heard from Nancy, she was contemplating returning to civilian life.

  • MaryAnn Tavano Broderick '87

    MaryAnn has spent most of her career in software development and software quality assurance. Her experience includes the following:

    Oxy Systems, Incorporated
    Software Quality Assurance Contractor, November 2005 to August 2006

    Performed quality assurance for an accessory application for cell phones, and for the company and product Web sites. Ran manual tests. Documented test results. Investigated and reported problems found. Updated manual test scripts

    Mercury Computer Systems, Incorporated
    Sr. Software Engineer, March 2000 to January 2004

    Performed quality assurance for a multi computer operating system and its tools. Performed quality assurance for a GUI product that monitored and provided information about a multi-computer system. Reviewed functional and design specifications, and user documentation. Wrote test plans and test specifications/instructions. Programmed test scripts in SilkTest. Ran manual and automated tests. Investigated and reported problems found. Documented test results. Worked closely with the development engineers and user documentation writers in the software tools development group. Reviewed other software test group engineer's test documents and test code. Learned writing testable requirements and requirements based testing (RBT). Presented RBT to my own group (the software test group). Presented SilkTest to the software tools development group and assisted them in their use of it

    Digital Equipment Corporation (Compaq Computer Corporation after mid 1998)
    Sr. Software Engineer, February 1998 to February 1999

    Performed quality assurance for a transaction processing middleware product. Tested the GUI utility that modified the registry, the error logging utility, samples, and installation procedures on Windows. Investigated and reported problems found. Worked closely with the development engineers

    Digital Equipment Corporation (continued)
    Sr. Software Engineer, November 1992 to August 1994

    Served as project leader for the license key generation system. Analyzed, designed and implemented new functionality, enhancements, and bug fixes for the license key generation system software in COBOL and PostScript. Investigated and fixed problems with the development system’s (a VAXstation running VMS) environment. Set up system management procedures for the development system. Organized and managed source code (set up and maintained code management library using VAX CMS). Updated build scripts in DCL. Organized project information online using VAX NOTES. Documented the steps for developing a release of the system. Estimated and evaluated the time to complete releases. Performed a design review of the system along with the product’s sponsor group. Restructured and updated the documentation set written in SDML (specifications and user's manuals)

    Digital Equipment Corporation (continued)
    Software Engineer January 1988 to November 1992

    Analyzed, designed and implemented new functionality, enhancements, and bug fixes for software and firmware components in C, Pascal, DCL and PostScript for Digital's PostScript network printers and for Digital's ANSI compliant printing protocol. Served as project leader for Digital's ANSI to PostScript translator. Worked on functional specifications and interface specifications written in SDML for the existing code base and updates to the existing code base. Maintained and enhanced (and/or re-wrote) build scripts and various development tools in DCL (as well as TPU, CMS, MMS) * evaluated, demonstrated, and applied CASE tools (Cadre's Teamwork). Re-wrote software installation procedures in DCL. Investigated and implemented fixes for problems found during development and testing. Performed software integration and integrated system/acceptance testing prior to release to the internal quality assurance group. Performed acceptance testing of PostScript software upon receipt from vendor. Reviewed user documentation. Investigated problems and provided technical solutions to customer service for customer problems reported to development. Proposed and followed through on setting up a procedure using VAX NOTES to track and share information (within development, and between development and customer service) for problems brought to development through customer service. Interfaced and worked with other groups within Digital and external vendors and development partners

    Clarksville-Montgomery County Historical Museum
    Software Engineer, January 1987 to June 1987

    Analyzed, designed, implemented and documented an inventory, income and expense system for the museum's gift shop using spreadsheet software. Instructed and assisted employees in the use of the spreadsheet software and the customized programs

    Marine Midland Bank, N.A.
    Systems Analyst, June 1985 to August 1985

    Analyzed functions in the bank's financial processing system using data flow analysis techniques. Proposed and followed through to create database queries to reduce the chance of creating redundant data definitions and to find already existing redundant data definitions. Updated data flow and data definition information in the project's database

  • Ralph Chille '90

    After a short time with IBM in end user support, Ralph joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1992.

    "Currently, I am a Sr. Project Manager and leader of a software development team, primarily focusing in Knowledge Management applications for our Market Leadership team.  Our goal is to make information as easily accessible and re-usable as possible to help ensure PwC maintains its lead status in all our various industries and service lines."

  • Kevin Culp '97

    Kevin is currently supporting “Virtualization” blade server technology and Virtual Connect.  He has travelled to Asia, visiting both India and China, to train level II support engineers, and is responsible for people's personal development globally throughout the world in HP GCC ISS.

    Mr. Culp has previously worked for BFGoodrich Inc., the Small Business Administration Disaster Unit, and Compaq.


    Updated Nov., 2010

  • Alexa Curtis '95

    Alexa double-majored in Management and CIS at Niagara. She earned her MBA degree in MIS at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) in 1999. She is employed by the First Union National Bank in Charlotte.


  • Gregory Grzymala '01

    After several years at the William S. Hein Company, a law publishing company servicing law schools, law firms, and government agencies, Greg has moved up to Support Analyst II at Curbell, Inc., a leading distributor of industrial plastics and manufacturer of medical communications equipment, in Orchard Park, NY. Greg does network administration and help desk work.

    Greg has also achieved several Microsoft Certifications.


  • Paula Henderson '96

    Paula is an NT/Novell Network Engineer with Computer and Information Technology at the State University of New York at Buffalo.


  • Eduard Kamphuis '88 (BS in CIS); '93 (MBA)

    When I left NU, I was working in Niagara Falls for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Niagara Plant. There I was the facility Electrical/Instrumentation/Computer Engineer.  In 1998 I transferred to Goodyear's Akron headquarters as a Senior Engineer in the Automated Material Handling and Logistics Team. I eventually became Technical Team Leader of that group, moved on to another Technical Team Leader position and am currently the Manager for Global Engineering and Manufacturing Technology, Goodyear Luxembourg. I still have a hand in computer science as I have engineers reporting to me who have responsibility for plant floor IT, along with integration into ERP Systems such as SAP.  My other responsibilities include the design of various manufacturing systems (automated tire building, etc) for Goodyear on a Global basis.


  • Stephen Knox '87

    Steve Knox worked as an Executive Protection Agent after Niagara University, and retired in the spring of 1997 after completing a Master's Degree in Computer and Information Security.

    Steve is NSA certified in risk assessment methodology, and certified as a business continuity planner from Disaster Recovery Institute, International.

    As a risk management consultant, Steve has authored several books ranging from risk assessment procedure to corporate information security policy. He recently directed a risk assessment and disaster recovery plan project for the U.S. House of Representatives on Capitol Hill. Other clients have included CIA, DIA, NASA, ATF, U.S. Federal Courts, DOT, NRC, and numerous corporations including Toyota Motor Corporation and MCI.

    Steve is now working for Fannie Mae in their Information Security Management Office in Washington, DC. His current responsibilities include the development of a corporate risk assessment methodology standard, conducting risk assessments on corporate offices, data centers, and information system environments and applications.


  • Bernard Kolbmann '96

    Bernie Kolbmann is a New York State Investigator for the Department of Taxation and Finance, in the Buffalo Region.  His specialty is with Petroleum, Alcohol and Tobacco Retail sales. Previously, he was a 911 operator for Niagara Falls Police, and simultaneously was the New York State Director of Hospital Coordinators for Disabled American Veterans, Inc., NY.  He was stationed at the Veterans' Administration Medical Center, Buffalo. Bernie does data base analysis as an important tool for his investigations.


  • James A. Krzyzanowski '84 (B.A. Math), '86 (B.S. CIS)

    Jim is a Software Engineer with Raytheon Systems Company (formerly Hughes Defense Communications, formerly Magnavox) in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has been working on the AFATDS (Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System) program since 1991. AFATDS is a Command and Control Fire Support System for the U.S. Army & Marines. Jim was the Technical Lead for the Mission Integrated Product Team (MIPT) on AFATDS from 1995 to 2001. In June 2001, Jim accepted a position as the Deputy System Software Engineering Manager. In this position, he is responsible for defining the software development processes and procedures that the Software Developers follow to produce high quality software systems. Jim has been a Software Engineer since starting his career at Bell Aerospace Textron in 1984, and has been with Raytheon since 1991. He works primarily on Department of Defense contracts and uses the Ada programming language.

    Contact Data

  • Mary Ann May (formerly known as Baughman!) '88

    At work: Lotus Notes Hub Administrator, Americas Luvata Buffalo, Inc. PO Box 981, Buffalo, NY 14240


  • Brendan McCabe '94

    Brendan is a Lotus Notes Administrator/Analyst for Danka in Rochester, NY.


  • Ben Ribaudo '89

    VP of Global IT Operations
    World Fuel Services Corporation
    9800 NW 41st Street, Suite 400
    Miami, FL  33178
    O: 305-428-8148
    C: 305-798-8009
    F: 305-392-5648

    Former position: Vice President, IT Operations for Alliance Entertainment Corporation

  • Sarah Robinson '88

    After working at Cornell University for 13 years and commuting 100 miles a day, I change jobs and I am now working in Syracuse, NY (where I live) at Onondaga Community College.  At OCC, I am the Director of Network Computing which entails responsibility for the network infrastructure, all campus servers and PC's as well as the Help Desk.  Being a supervisor is still hard, even with a Master's Degree in Management!


  • David Rowland '97

    I'm currently the lead developer in the Automated Voice Solutions (AVS) dept. of ClientLogic Corp., based in Amherst, NY. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system typically handles over 800,000 calls per month. Our clients include the high-tech breed, e.g.: Microsoft, Logitech, Juno, Dell, Iomega, Buy.Com, E-trade, and dozens more.


  • Pauline Wells '96

    Pauline received a BBA in Accounting and a BS in CIS from Niagara in 1996 and passed the New York State Uniform CPA examination in 1997. She will complete an MBA in Finance from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2001. Currently, Pauline works for Xerox Corporation in Rochester, NY.