CA and LCA Position Description

Lead Community Advisors and Community Advisors  

The community advisor (CA) serves as a mentor/resource to all residents within their area/building. They report to the residence director (RD) and contribute to the overall community development in the residence halls. There are two CAs on each floor in Seton and O'Shea halls located in the same location on each floor. There is one CA on each floor in Clet, Lynch and O'Donoughue halls and one per building in Varsity Village and the apartments. CAs can assist residents who are locked out, have a university questions, offer social and academic programs for the floor, ensure university policies are enforced and more.

The lead community advisors have all the same responsibilities as a community advisor. However, they provide additional paraprofessional support to the RD in any areas that may need additional assistance (i.e. large programming or community standards violations).  

There is always a residence life staff member on-call 24/7. If you cannot get in touch with your CA and need assistance, you may contact the Office of Campus Safety at 716.286.8111.