Board Members and Ombudspeople

Academic Integrity Board Members

The Academic Integrity Board is composed of both faculty and student members. The board meets to make decisions about membership and about Academic Integrity policies and issues. At hearings, the presence of one of the co-chairs, three student members and three faculty members are required. Student membership on the board changes frequently, and a list of eligible students is maintained by the co-chairs.


  • Dr. Erin Karper, Associate Professor of English, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Leticia Hahn, Assistant Professor of Education, College of Education (On sabbatical until Fall 2015)

Faculty Members

Academic Integrity Ombudspersons

Students may contact any ombudsperson if they have questions or concerns about the academic integrity policies and their applications, about filing an appeal against a sanction, or about attending mandatory hearings. The current ombudspersons are:

  • Dr. John Keller, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences:  716.286.8639
  • Dr. Kristine Principe,  Assistant Professor of Management, College of Business Administration:  716.286.8180  
  • Dr. William Frye, Associate Professor,  College of Hospitality and Tourism Management: 716.286.8274
  • Dr.  Lisa Kilanowski, Associate Professor of Professional Studies, College of Education: 716.286.8797