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Playing guitar, listening to music, reading, and travelling

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Glee, Dance Moms, Desperate Housewives, Pretty Little Liars and South of Nowhere

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Paramore, Tegan and Sara, Go Radio, Mayday Parade

Big News

March 27, 2012 by Crystal Lorenzo

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BIG NEWS! The club that I started, To Write Love on Her Arms, is officially a club recognized by NUSGA!!! Which is EXTREMELY exciting, because that's what I've been working toward since November!

Now all we need to do is get approved by the national To Write Love on Her Arms organization and we will be all set. We are already going to help set up an event for this semester, which I will tell you more about as it gets closer.

I had to go to a NUSGA meeting last Sunday for them to vote and (hopefully) approve our constitution. I was so nervous, it was not even controllable. I was shakingand couldn't breathe, AND THEN my hands started to tingle and my arms were all tingly and I thought I was going to pass out or have a seizure or something drastic, but I was actually just overreacting a LITTLE bit. I was fine, didn't pass out and held my composure while I got asked like 14,000 questions, which was really rather intimidating. In the end, WE GOT APPROVED and I am so excited that I kept pushing forward with this club and didn't give up even after almost five months - because it all paid off.

Besides that, things have gotten crazy here with schoolwork and such. This week, I feel like I got assigned like eight papers, have four tests, a quiz, a project and so much homework! I definitely have to get down to business, which proves difficult because of all the other things I'm trying to fit into this week. But, hey, it could be worse, I'm sure.

Today and tomorrow, we are having a bake sale for NU Alliance! This is really exciting because it's the first thing we have done since we got a new council this semester consisting of my best friend, Mary, myself and another freshman, Sarah. We put it all together and our wonderful advisors baked awesome cookies and brownies for us. It has been a huge success already, and it only started hours ago. We're raising money for an awesome cause, so if anyone is reading this and is going to be in Gally today until 4 or tomorrow between 1 and 4, COME BUY SOME BAKED GOODS! (:

This past weekend, I went on a road trip to New Jersey! And I documented the whole thing on camera, so I shall edit that and hopefully post it up here sometime soon - so be prepared for that! It's hilarious, and you will get to see my best friend and I, sleep deprived, broke and hungry, which made us delirious and funnier than normal. That's pretty hard for her, cause she's just that type of person who is naturally hilarious. Therefore, get excited and stay tuned!