Beginning the Process

Room Registration

All students, except for those graduating, should register for the housing assignment process between Feb. 8 and Feb. 15 via their myNU account.  The deadline for registration is 6 p.m. on Friday, February 15. Students register by logging into their myNU account and clicking the housing registration link. This authorizes the $300 housing deposit charge to the student's account to be paid by April 30, 2016. The room registration process allows the Office of Residence Life to make appropriate hall and floor designations based on the number of registrations received and completed. We will use the number of students who have registered to designate the gender of floors. Students will select rooms between March 15-17.


It is in the best interest of students to attend room selection to select their own rooms. However, the use of proxies is allowed. The proxy must have a signed proxy form, and his or her own Niagara University identification card. Proxy forms are available via the Residence Life website, in the Office of Residence Life or students who are currently abroad may simply send an email to the Office of Residence Life designating who will be the proxy. Students currently in study abroad programs must designate their proxies in writing. Individuals acting as proxies must have the copy of the proxy statement issued by the absent student. The absent student will be required to accept the specific room assignment chosen by their proxy. Proxy forms are available for pickup in the Office of Residence Life or can be downloaded here.  

Personal Choice

The housing selection process at Niagara allows students’ choices to determine the rooms in which they will live. Niagara University offers a variety of housing options, including  theme communities, single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and apartment suites for four persons  (Apartments are for juniors, seniors and graduate students only).

Niagara’s theme community program offers students with special common interests the opportunity to live together in residence halls with a self-directed program.  Students may apply to live in themed housing. The application processes for these communities occurs prior to the regular housing selection processes. Students whose applications are denied may still participate, without penalty, in the regular housing selection process. For more information on the  theme community option, click here.

Lottery Numbers

All current students (residents and commuters) will be assigned a lottery number based on their admit status to the university. This means that students will receive a lottery number by their entering class year. Lottery numbers will be assigned by class cohort and will be referred to as a “rising class” of 2017 (seniors), 2018 (juniors) and 2019 (sophomores). Transfer students will be assigned a lottery number based on their credit hour status so they may select rooms with the class that they will graduate with.  

Lottery numbers will be available via myNU on March 8, 2016.  

Important Links

Downloadable Guide and Forms