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Hospitality & Tourism Management

Traveling, & snowboarding

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Badminton, racquetball & volleyball

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How I met your Mother

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All types of music

Back to NU We Go!

February 6, 2012 by Brandon Sears

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Well, after a long, relaxing and much needed winter break, we all headed back to the Niagara campus. I could not have asked for a better winter break; I got to see my friends and family, some of who I have not seen in quite some time. It was great to see everyone.

In 17 short days, myself and 13 other members of Niagara University's student chapter of the CMAA (Club Managers Association of America) will be heading to New Orleans, Louisiana, for the World Conference for Country Club Management. We will be spending seven days in New Orleans, where we get to tour many different types of clubs (country clubs, yacht clubs, etc.). Shortly after, we return to NU on Feb. 29 for two days of classes and then another week off for spring break (it couldn't have been planned any better!). :)

There are still times when I am walking around this campus that I just stop and look around, and I still can't believe that I am going here. So many opportunities have presented themselves to me over the few short months that I have been here.

The admissions department alone has offered me so many things, it really is unbelievable. I was also offered the position of student director of Niagara Nights, a student overnight program for high school seniors who have been accepted to Niagara University. Students have the chance to spend the night on campus with a student of the same or similar major, shadow classes with the students and check out any of the facilities that we have on campus.

If you are interested please register at

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