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B. Tom Golisano Makes Large Gift to Niagara University College of Arts and Sciences

June 17, 2009

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Father Levesque Said

A year ago last May, Niagara University embarked on the largest fund raising campaign in its 152-year history. We knew it was an ambitious undertaking, but we also knew it was an essential one if we are to continue the wonderful transition taking place in teaching and learning on this campus. The new Academic Complex is evidence of the progress that has been made in improving our facilities. The Promise of Niagara, has received the largest gift in the long and distinguished history of Niagara University, B. Thomas Golisano, a businessman and philanthropist perhaps best known to Western New Yorkers as the owner of the Buffalo Sabres, has committed $10 million to support construction of a new interdisciplinary science building, a facility that will radically alter the teaching and research environment on our campus. Bio-technology and bioinformatics have been identified as potentially vital new industries for our region, and Niagara University intends to be a player in their growth and development.

Dr. Nancy McGlen Said

With our community and academic partners, NU science faculty and students have done research on initiatives that have produced the start-up of a new biomedical company headquartered at NU, a pending patent for a new drug-delivery system designed by an NU faculty member, and developed insights into solving important health and community problems.; At the heart of this effort are the science faculty who have implemented cutting edge instructional methods that have dramatically enhanced the quality and breadth of undergraduate studies in the sciences at NU. Our professors provide students with opportunities to use the latest scientific technologies to engage in integrated, interdisciplinary research on real-world community problems. This extraordinarily generous gift will allow us to expand our efforts exponentially. The B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Sciences will serve as a source of inspiration for our students to explore the future of scientific study. It will allow students to directly observe, as well as more easily participate in, research projects in integrated science. It will instill, at an early stage, a career-long expectation of collaboration among scientists of diverse disciplines, and in so doing, the new facility will significantly enhance student success in their careers.

Ashley Bantelman Said

I am a junior biology major in the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition to my major, I have minors in math, chemistry, philosophy and French. And like a lot of my classmates, I am doing research with one of my professors, Dr. William Edwards.; Our research centers on ecology and limnology, the study of bodies of fresh water, which we have in abundance around here. Our labs are also involved in the study of heart disease with the Heart Center of Niagara. We do all this in a facility that needs updating. And that makes this gift all the more special. It is an investment in a very good university that will only get better as a result of Mr. Golisano's generosity. I have only one regret. As a junior, I will not get to see the completion of the B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Sciences. But I will always be a Niagaran. I will always be proud of my alma mater and grateful for the fantastic education it provided me. And I will be absolutely delighted a few years from now to look back, with pride, on how far my university has come in advancing the study of science.

Other Points

Niagara's Biology program has invested money in new equipment, such as a Microarray spotter, a PF 2D Protein Fractionation System, a DNA sequencer, and these have brought us closer to being a real player in the bioinformatics world, as well as other areas of science. This gift, and act of generosity will be used to bring us into that world, and allow our faculty and students to conduct their research in updated and state of the art facilities. On behalf of the Biology Department, Thank you!!