Assistive Technology

The types of assistive technology currently available in Disability Services are listed below. The technology is housed in the Office of Academic Support on the first floor of Seton Hall. Students are encouraged to contact the disability services staff for more information on how to access the technology.

Kurzweil 3000: Scanning software that provides audio feedback and visual cues. Dual highlighting increases students' ability to understand words and concepts. Spell checking and word prediction promote independent writing. Other features: reads text on the Internet, talking word processor, highlights and reads word by word, word prediction, and study tools.

JAWS: A computer screen reader for individuals with little to no vision. The user navigates the screen using keystrokes rather than the mouse. JAWS reads virtually all text in most computer applications including icons, items in drop-down menus, etc. This software is also available in the student computer lab in St. Vincent's Hall and the library.

Dragon Naturally Speaking: A tool that enables the user to use voice input for creating written material.

AlphaSmart 3000: A battery-operated portable word processor compatible with any PC and most printers. Can type, edit and electronically store text without having to be at a computer (or expensive laptop). Text can be transferred via cable to any computer for formatting and printing. Availability limited.

Electronic Text: Staff members either obtain textbooks from publishers in a Word format, or if needed, scan text into the computer and convert it to a Word format. This "Electronic" text is saved to a CD which students who are blind, partially sighted, or who have reading disabilities can use on their computers along with a free online downloadable screen reader to listen to the text as the computer "reads" it back to them. Web sites for screen readers:

  • ReadPlease:
  • Natural Reader:

Zoomtext: Magnification software for individuals with a vision impairment. In addition to magnifying text and icons on a computer screen, Zoomtext also includes a speech synthesizer to read applications and documents through computer speakers.