Faculty Directory

Dr.  Mary McCourt

Dr. Mary McCourt

Professor of Chemistry

Office Location:
Golisano Center, room 248


Dr. McCourt is a senior scientist with extensive experience in the implementation of new laboratories, management of  technical, professional, faculty, research, legal, architectural and administrative staff. Her critical expert areas include computational chemistry and molecular modeling, cancer-targeted drug design and structural biology with emphasis on lipids.

  • Research experience in integration of computational techniques and experimental methods for product design.
  • Experience in individualized lipid delivery for tissue culture.
  • Experience in small molecule drug design including thyromimetics, substituted hydroxyurea analogs and cantharidin.
  • Experience in developing NMR for matabonomic markers.
  • Technical expertise in SYBYL, DSC, X-ray structure determination using SnB as well as other direct methods and development of 2-D electron diffraction data into 3-D direct methods.
  • Designed nanoscale non-liposomal stealth vehicle, implemented proof of principle experiments using breast cancer cell lines. Vehicle applicability is wide ranging.
  • Designed structural biology and chemistry laboratories from scratch. Proposed vision, obtained funding, developed, designed and implemented from the ground up a computational drug design laboratory and analytical instrumentation laboratory (NMR, DSC, HP-LC, AA, TGA, Uv-Vis).
  • Management efficiency having turned around a non profitable department into one of the largest and most profitable on campus.


  • Consultant, Paramount Bioscience, 3/07-present
  • President and CSO, MMC Lipid Bioservices, 5/06-present
  • Senior Co-Director Academic Center, Niagara University, 5/06-present
  • Consultant, Invitrogen Corporation, 4/05-present
  • Faculty Member, Niagara University, 1999-present
  • Post Doctoral Research Scientist, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, 1988–1989

Fellowships and Grants

  • Post-doctoral training Fellowship, NASA, Roswell Park Cancer Institute. 1988-1989
  • Molecular Biophysics Department, NIH Fellowship, Hauptman-Woodward. 1989-1993
  • Electron Diffraction Department NSF Grants/Fellowship. 1993-1999 GeNYsis (2.5 million). 2001
  • NSF; CRI: A Western New York Computational and Data Science Grid. 2004
  • CAT Funding (graduate student, supplies, instrument). 2006
  • James Cummings Foundation, Proteomics Equipment. 2007


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Presentations, Chapters, and Abstracts

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Current Research

  • Computational Drug Design
  • Inhibitors of PP2A
  • AIDS disubstituted hydroxy ureas
  • Structural Studies of lipids, oxidized cholesterols and cholesterol esters

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Chemistry (1988). SUNY at Buffalo.
    The thesis concerned writing integrals for semi-empirical programs that were rotationally invariant.
  • M.A., History (1984). SUNY at Buffalo.
    The thesis studied technology transfer to the Soviet Union and the impact on cultural issues.
  • B.A/B.S., Chemistry/History (1983). SUNY at Buffalo.