Class Year:

Biology and Chemistry

Religious Studies

Getting lost in a great novel.
Going on walks throughout campus and along the gorge.
Undertaking spontaneous activities/events.
Acrobatic Yoga.

President of Niagara University Men's Club Soccer
Research Assistant
Peer Tutor
Student Panel Leader
Summer/Fall Orientation Leader
Teacher's Assistant/Recitation Leader
Member of Biology Club, Circle K, American Chemical Society (ACS)

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A New Life, A New Home

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So, I'm James Lioi as I'm sure you can see. This is my first time ever blogging so work with me here a bit and, since this is the first blog, I figured I'd give a bit more of an introduction to myself and just an overview of my first two months here at Niagara University.

So you know I'm James; I'm a biology major and I might double major in chemistry (yes, I am of those science geeks - don't judge me). I come from a city in Ohio called Canton; some of you avid football fans might know it as the Football Hall of Fame City; well I am not a fan of football so, to me, it's nothing special at all. Soccer is the love of my life; it is amazing and if you say otherwise I will not hesitate to kick you! Overall, I just want to laugh and have fun, enjoy life for what it is. As Daughtry puts it, "The only life I'm after is a life full of laughter."

I had completely forgotten over the weekend to write this blog, so it's currently 1 a.m. and I'm sitting here with my boys Julian and Isaac in the Seton lounge, listening to music and "doing homework" while I try and figure out how to work this blog out. What's tough is that homework is usually done on your computer, so of course it takes forever to do since you spend more time on Facebook or whatever else and less actually doing homework. Life here is absolutely amazing though, couldn't have asked for a better start to my college life. I've made some great friends, had some unforgettable memories and just have had so much fun! Yeah the work load is tough at times but, I mean, that's life.

Well, I feel like I'm rambling and I know I could write up more to avoid studying for my bio lab until next time!